In our facility, great emphasis is put on preventing the emergence of dental and gum diseases. Regular dental visits help as prevention of many dental illnesses and early detection of the onset of dental problems.

In the field of hygiene and prevention, we offer:

Two regular doctor-guided preventive dental examinations, periodically supplemented by aspecial X-ray examination (we use modern Gendex digital imaging devices) and FaceLife – adevice for the detection of tooth decay, for regular clients of our clinic. These examinations allow us early discovery of hidden tooth decay and other emerging diseases of oral cavity. We recommend to supplement the regular routine dentist checkups by visiting our dental hygienist who will offer you dental services in one of our modern dental surgeries. (for more information visit Dental Hygiene)

Entrust the care of your teeth to the dental experts at RB dent

We look forward to your visit. On behalf of the RB dent team:
MUDr. Richard Benko, principal dentist