MUDr. Richard Benko has been devoting himself to the field of implantology for many years now. He is a member of the prestigious international ITI (International Team for Implantology) and a member of ČSCHS (the Czech Society of Dental Surgery). He is constantly expanding his knowledge at numerous congresses in the Czech Republic and abroad.

We work exclusively with high-quality Straumann dental implants, which enable us to achieve optimal results.

Dental implants are actually artificial dental roots (made of titanium) surgically inserted into the jaw, subsequently supplemented prosthetically.

They are used as a replacement for individual teeth, possibly in conjunction with a bridge or removable prosthesis.
Suitable patients for implantation are adults with healthy gums, good bone tissue (otherwise it can be solved by augmentation – bone supplementation) and excellent hygiene of the oral cavity (we recommend dental hygiene before treatment).

Duration of the procedure is individual. Usually after the first consultation, during the second visit, follows the procedure itself. The implantation is performed under sterile conditions in high-quality local anesthesia, the procedure is not painful for the patient and is not too time-consuming (one implant approximately takes 20 minutes). This is followed by a 6-8-week healing period, during which a fixed connection between the bone and the implant is established. Following the completion of the healing process, the last prosthetic phase begins and that is the time when the crown for the implant is made. The treatment is complete in approximately 2 months.

The success rate of implantations is stated nowadays around 98% in compliance with all the set-out conditions (very important is the hygiene of oral cavity). Bad healing of the implant and exclusion is mostly caused by bacterial infection that distorts the attachment of the bone to the implant.

Our medical team has prepared answers to your most common question about implantations.

For Swiss implants Straumann, we provide a 10-year extended warranty.

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We look forward to your visit. On behalf of the RB dent team:
MUDr. Richard Benko, principal dentist