Treatment in analgosedation / general anesthesia

Analgosedation or general anesthesia is intended for adult patients and also for non-cooperating children who have an extensive fear of a dental intervention at the dentist. These patients may be treated in cooperation with an anesthesiologist.

The patient breathes himself while not perceiving the course of treatment. A doctor -anesthesiologist serves a combination of analgesics (painkiller) and sedatives (a medication inducing calmness, relaxation, mitigation of fear, somnolence).

Analgosedation / general anesthesia allows the dentist to fully concentrate on work while not being distracted from worries about the experience of the patient.

These above-standard procedures are not covered by the health insurance company.

Price of analgosedation / general anesthesia: from 5320 Kč (according to the time consumption).

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