In addition to our patients, our center treats also unregistered patients upon recommendation of their dentist who does not engage in dental surgery.

Dentistry Liberec provides these types of procedures

  • wisdom teeth extraction, complicated teeth extraction
  • removal of retained teeth (unfocused, or unfavorably based)
  • root-cut resection, retrograde endodontics
  • pre-prosthetic surgery– excision of soft tissues, removal of bony outgrowths
  • frenectomy – removal of “frenectomy”
  • treatment of injuries in the area of the face and oral cavity
  • Implantation of implants, orthodontic microimplants
  • CBCT examinations prior to implantation, orthodontic surgery or removal of wisdom teeth

All procedures are performed under sterile conditions in quality local anesthesia.

To the possible extend, our methods are minimally invasive.

For surgical procedures, we use a special surgical kit. Furthermore, a piezo surgery unit that allows for the gentlest extraction, removal of bone material, etc., a high frequency surgical electrocautery that prevents stronger bleeding.

After surgery, the patient is able to drive a car or walk home without any problems.

Entrust the care of your teeth to the dental experts at RB dent

We look forward to your visit. On behalf of the RB dent team:
MUDr. Richard Benko, principal dentist