Nowadays in the world, dental hygiene services are a standard supplement to the dental prevention. Also in our country, it has already got into the subconscious of the patients and is becoming an integral part of oral health care. That’s why at our clinic, qualified dental hygienists have become essential members of the team.

The goal of modern dentistry must be prevention, thus the prevention of the onset of dental diseases. Prevention of not only tooth decay, but also gum disease.

The initial visit of the dental hygienist follows mostly after a preventative examination and recommendation by a dentist. We recommend regular visits 1-2 times a year to most of our new and existing patients. Dental hygiene services are intended for everyone who really care about their own teeth and want to keep them healthy and beautiful throughout their lives.

The dental hygienist’s work includes:

  • Briefing and practice of oral hygiene
  • Professional tooth cleaning (removing dental tartar, plaque and pigments from the surface of the tooth)
  • Tooth whitening (by using Philips ZOOM lamp)
  • Tooth sandblasting – Air flow
  • Fissure sealing (prevention of tooth decay especially in pediatric patients)
  • Application of dental jewelry

Dental hygienists, along with your dentists, take care of the flawless state of your dentition, gums and the whole oral cavity.

Nikol Teplíková DiS., Anna Řepková DiS.

  • Due to the great interest of the patients, the dental hygiene office hours will be extended to the whole week
  • This service can be used also by patients who are not registered at our dental clinic
  • Newly, it is possible to buy selected dental tools we recommend for home care (in all surgeries)
  • Ordering is possible at the dental surgeries or by telephone

contact: +420 774 577 168

Entrust the care of your teeth to the dental experts at RB dent

We look forward to your visit. On behalf of the RB dent team:
MUDr. Richard Benko, principal dentist