The need to look good becomes highly topical at present and beautiful smile is an asset of people caring for themselves and their health.

In our facility, the offer of Cosmetic Dentistry is very broad:

  • Aesthetic fillings made of high quality photo-composite materials in a wide range of colors
  • ceramic inlays and onlays – a more luxurious and more durable version of the fillings
  • ceramic facets – variant treatment of front teeth instead of crowns
  • zirconia fixed dentures made using computer technology
  • gentle home teeth whitening
  • surgery tooth whitening with Philips ZOOM lamp
  • removing pigments by sanding – AIR FLOW
  • dental jewelry – wide selection (stones, diamonds, gold), non-deforming enamel application

„Not only healthy but also beautiful teeth are important and increasingly desired.“

Entrust the care of your teeth to the dental experts at RB dent

We look forward to your visit. On behalf of the RB dent team:
MUDr. Richard Benko, principal dentist